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Greetings From The Mishpacha Orphanage of Odessa (Berlin)

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Hello (Pryvit),

This is my first time writing a blog - so please bear with me. I am in Berlin visiting the Misphacha Orphanage of Odessa, which evacuated to Berlin shortly after the war. The orphanage (children and staff) along with some other refugees, are now staying in Berlin where they have set up temporary (long term-ish) housing and schooling at a hotel they were able to rent. There are approximately 90 children and another 90 adults staying here. The work being done here is truly amazing. It goes far beyond food and shelter. It is love, caring and creating a sense of family for everyone here. Each child, and each adult, has a story. I look forward to sharing some of these stories with you in this blog.

This video is of the children learning in the preschool. They radiate joy as they reflect the love they are being given from their teachers and staff. The Chabad of Odessa (which is partially funded by the JRNU) runs the school and the orphanage. With the exception of some local hotel staff, everyone is from Odessa, displaced, and helping to comfort and care for each other.

Tomorrow, G-d willing, I will be going to Odessa to help out and observe the work still being done there by Chabad of Odessa and the JRNU.

Thanks for reading, more to come . . .

- Ethan Gross


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With its deep roots and extensive reach, the JRNU has been providing food, medicine, and other aid to more than 35,000 people each month, not turning anyone away. To further offer hope, aid, and with G-d’s help, gather more supporters, I will be spending the next week working with the JRNU in Berlin (at the temporary location for the Odesa orphanage), and in Odesa. I will share their stories and your encouragement along the way.


Unfortunately, the crisis in Ukraine is not going to end any time soon. Even after the war is over, the humanitarian needs will continue for years to come. The good news is, we can help. By coordinating our efforts we can bring continued hope and support to those in need. I hope you will join me in keeping the Detroit Jewish community engaged in these necessary relief efforts.


I welcome your comments.

For more information on the amazing work being performed by the JRNU, or to donate to the JRNU, click HERE. To donate, you can click on the Detroit Campaign for Ukraine.


To Support the Odessa Orphanage click HERE.

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