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Ethan A. Gross, JD

Ethan A. Gross, JD is the CEO of Globe Midwest Adjusters International, the largest public adjusting firm in the Midwest. As a public adjuster, Mr. Gross has been helping insureds recover after disasters such as fires, tornados, hurricanes and floods for over 30 years. He understands the tremendous impact on the personal, and professional, lives of those who have lost their homes and business to  a disaster. Seeing the devastation in Ukraine is a completely different type of disaster. Unlike natural disasters,  the victims of war cannot start rebuilding the next day. The storm does not pass, the fire is not put out, and the waters do not recede. After being introduced to the tremendous work that the JRNU is doing, on the ground, every day to help those suffering in Ukraine, Mr. Gross committed to helping with both his own resources, and by recruiting as many people as he can to assist in providing hope and aid to to the Ukrainian people, for as long as it takes.

About the Author

With its deep roots and extensive reach, the JRNU has been providing food, medicine, and other aid to more than 35,000 people each month, not turning anyone away. To further offer hope, aid, and with G-d’s help, gather more supporters, I will be spending the next week working with the JRNU in Berlin (at the temporary location for the Odesa orphanage), and in Odesa. I will share their stories and your encouragement along the way.


Unfortunately, the crisis in Ukraine is not going to end any time soon. Even after the war is over, the humanitarian needs will continue for years to come. The good news is, we can help. By coordinating our efforts we can bring continued hope and support to those in need. I hope you will join me in keeping the Detroit Jewish community engaged in these necessary relief efforts.


I welcome your comments.

For more information on the amazing work being performed by the JRNU, or to donate to the JRNU, click HERE. To donate, you can click on the Detroit Campaign for Ukraine.


To Support the Odessa Orphanage click HERE.

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